Our Team

Leadership Team

Gabriel Simons

Gabriel Simons CEO

  • Over 20 years commercial experience in China, developing projects in the agtech and medtch sectors between startups, industry and government in China, Israel and the UK
  • A generalist with experience across various industries including banking, manufacturing, and luxury apparel. Garbriel has been involved in the strategy, setup, management, operations and finances of teams in China, Israel and the US, driving commercialisation of innovation through international engagement
Koert Stittelaar

Koert Stittelaar CTO

  • Trained as virologist (PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2001) and after 15 years leadership position at a contract research company now heading one of the research departments within WBVR
  • Enjoying being chairman of the WBVR internal project team working together with JBI towards the raise of Vivotro Laboratories
Glen Illing

Glen Illing CSO

  • Over 25 years management experience in strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, greenfield start-ups and franchising operations, leading multinational and geographically dispersed teams, developing and implementing global strategies across Asia, Central Europe, South America, USA and Europe. Glen has managed companies through growth, market downturns, disease challenges, and strong competition by restructuring and innovatively developing solutions to revitalise organisations

Founding Partners & Project Team

Wageningin logo
Wageningen University & Research

Ranked 1st globally in agricultural science, plant & animal science, and environment / ecology research. With research focus on safeguarding animal & human health through prevention, eradication & control of animal diseases. WUR is based in the Netherlands, with High Containment facilities including BSL 3 & 4 designation, and full AAALAC accreditation

Astrid De GreeffAstrid De Greeff

Head of the Department Business Development at Wageningen Bioveterinary Research

Astrid De GreeffGionata Leone

Registered Technology Transfer Professional at the WUR Corporate Value Creation dept

Riks MaasRiks Maas

Head of Department of Virology

JBI Innovations logo
JBI Innovations Ltd

JBI Innovations focus on sustainable agriculture, aquaculture & ag-tech – working with top ranked academic institutions. Working with academic institutions, researchers, and inventors we develop innovative venture and commercialization models. Proven track record in ag-tech and university commercialization – building over $60m of equity value with Roslin Technologies.

Astrid De GreeffKristian Bennetsen

JBI Equity Partner

Astrid De GreeffDesmond Wood

Investment Manager

Astrid De GreeffLuca Illing

Scientific Project Manager